How Will Peter Kyle Fare as the UK’s New Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology?

5th Jul 2024
How Will Peter Kyle Fare as the UK’s New Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology?

Prime Minister Kier Starmer has named Peter Kyle to the position of Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology. Kyle had held the corresponding shadow secretary position in the Labour party since October 2023. He also been Shadow Minister for Schools or some months in 2021. Kyle has been MP for Hove since May 2021.

Peter Kyle and possible changes of direction for science

While Kyle is not well known for his stance regarding the space industry, there are some clues to how he might influence policy and execution in the new Starmer government. One important point is that Kyle does have a research degree, albeit in community development, in contrast to his predecessors in the Sunak government. His experience as MP for Hove is perhaps a more important indicator, as he became known as an advocate for apprenticeships. The need to develop onramps to the space industry might be something he will understand.

Artificial Intelligence regulation

Another possible building block for a Kyle success is in his handling of Artificial Intelligence issues – maybe. In 2023, he first advocated for the relaxing of regulations on AI, then brought out recommendations for increased regulation, especially in terms of data sharing that, supposedly, would help the government better understand how AI works and how to regulate its use.

He also sees AI through the lens of medical care, as he sees medical developments using AI as something that could have detected his mother’s cancer before it reached a fatal stage. Has he learnt enough to understand the uses of AI in the space industry? Probably. He doesn’t need to understand much about the inner workings of the technology.

Kyle and international ties

As a committed Remainer and anti-Corbynite he should fit the centre-left direction of the Starmer government in general. Relations with ESA and other space agencies are unlikely to be threatened. Will direct money flows to UK Space Agency, in contrast to routing them through ESA, change? This is something we cannot see.

Orbital Today wishes the new Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology the best of luck, and we will be watching how events unfold with great interest.

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