The Hunter’s Moon: All You Need To Know About The Full Moon In October 2024

3rd Jul 2024
The Hunter’s Moon: All You Need To Know About The Full Moon In October 2024

We continue our series of articles about plenilunes. Today, you will learn everything about the full moon in October, commonly known as the Hunter’s Moon. So, let’s open the curtain of the mystery of the October Hunter’s Moon to meet this mesmerizing event of 2024 fully armed.

What Does The Hunter’s Moon Mean?

What does the Hunter's Moon mean
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October plenilune is named after the hunting season. It was in this month that most indigenous people of the Northern Hemisphere regions began to hunt deer and other animals that came out to feed in the harvested fields. This October full moon name is included in the American Farmers’ Almanac and is widely used today to signify the official end of the summer season.

Why Is The October Full Moon Special?

October’s full moon is a good hunting time for a reason. It rises almost an hour sooner after sunset than other plenilunes because its orbital path creates a narrower angle with the evening horizon. As a result, less time than usual passes between successive moonrises. So, our satellite rises shortly after sunset for several nights in a row, providing additional illumination in the early evening hours, which helped hunters have a better view of their game.

Are There Other Names For The Hunter’s Moon?

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October was not only a successful hunting season but also the time when the first cold days set in the Northern Hemisphere, so Native American Indians called the plenilune of October by other names to reflect these seasonal changes. Here are some names that have come down to us since ancient times:

  • Drying Rice Moon, because rice was dried for winter storage at that time,
  • Freezing Moon, because the first frost is coming.
  • Falling Leaves Moon, because the leaves start falling from the trees.

In some British sources, you can also find references to Blood or Sanguine Moon. But they should not be confused with the Blood Moon  – an October full moon eclipse. These names arose from associations with the purple color of autumn leaves and the blood of animals killed in hunting.

When Is The Full Moon In October 2024?

October full moon 2024
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In 2024, the Hunter plenilune will occur on the 17th at 11:26 GMT or 06:26 EST. The Earth’s satellite will rise immediately after dusk and disappear before dawn, allowing for detailed observations of this interesting phenomenon.

The maximum illumination of the lunar disk by the Sun will last three days. Everyone will have the time to take a walk under its magical moonlight. However, Hunter’s full moon 2024 will delight you not only with its bright light but also with its particularly large size.

Is The October Plenilune 2024 A Supermoon?

In October 2024, we will indeed see a Supermoon. On October 17, during the full phase, our satellite’s elliptical orbit will be as close to the Earth as possible. At its perigee, close to the horizon, our satellite will appear much larger to observers than it actually is. This will be the last Supermoon in 2024. You will enjoy a greater experience if you contemplate the huge bright disk using good optics with a tripod or a telescope.

Is The Full Moon In October Called The Harvest Moon?

Yes and no. Typically, Hunter’s Moon is a separate event that occurs after the Harvest Moon, the plenilune closest to the autumn equinox (September 20-22). Most years, the Harvest plenitude occurs in September, so the following October full moon is the Hunter plenilune. However, approximately once every three years, the Harvest Plenilune takes place in October, and in such cases, the October Plenilune is called the Harvest Moon.

Why does this happen? Full lunar phase dates shift because the lunar month does not coincide with the calendar month. A lunar month, or lunar cycle, lasts approximately 29.5 days, which is shorter than most calendar months. This causes each subsequent plenilune to occur approximately one or two days later than it did in the previous calendar month.

What Is The Folklore On The Hunter’s Moon?

Humanity created a lot of myths about moon. The October plenilune was no exception; many interesting stories are dedicated to it. One of them is about Indian tribes who left the mountainous areas before the winter cold, which is why October plenilune was called the Traveling or Migrating Moon. Another explanation is related to the seasonal migration of birds to the south.

Hunter’s Moon is also one of the popular motifs in literature, which is often used to create an atmosphere of mysticism, mystery, and deep symbolism. In books and stories, it is often associated with themes of hunting and survival, magic, and mystical events.

Feast Of The Hunter’s Moon

Hunter's Moon celebration
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Hunting spoils provided people with a large supply of food for the winter, so plenilune in October is traditionally associated with feasts. At this time, some ancient tribes of North America and Western Europe gathered in communities and held holidays and feasts. These traditions have not survived to this day in their original form, but you can experience them if you visit the Fort Ouiatenon Historical Park on the Wabash River near the town of West Lafayette, Indiana. Every year since 1968, it has hosted the feast of the Hunter’s Moon, a historical re-enactment of the fall gathering of French and Native Americans that took place at the fort in the mid-18th century. Participants dress in the clothes of French soldiers, settlers, and Indians and organize meat feasts, marches, dances, and battle re-enactments. This event is quite large-scale and attracts tens of thousands of people.

Hunter’s Moon’s Spiritual Meaning

Plenilunes are always rich food for astrologers. Hunter’s Moon meaning in astrology implies the influence of energies that carry a connection with ancestors, pushing one to focus on inner work and reconsider values. This is the time when a person accepts the change of seasons and seeks a balance between the material and spiritual spheres of life. In autumn, the air temperature drops noticeably; the cool air brings freshness and new energy, motivating people to reconsider their views and make plans for the winter.

Astrologers believe that the influence of the full moon in October depends on its sign. The October plenilune in 2024 will be in the sign of Aries, which represents the energy of initiative, courage, and new beginnings. This time may be favorable for starting new projects, demonstrating leadership qualities, and taking decisive action.

However, like any astrological phenomenon, the impact of the plenilune can vary depending on a person’s individual horoscope.

What Will The Full Moon In October 2024 Bring: Horoscope

October full moon horoscope 2024
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For each Zodiac sign, astrologers predict their own special course of events during the Moon of a Hunter. But remember that astrology is not an exact science and its interpretations can vary greatly. So, it is advisable to use astrological forecasts as one of the self-learning tools, not as a final guide to action. No matter how good or bad your horoscope is, always rely on your inner voice and personal experience when making important decisions.


For you, the moment when the full moon for October shines will mark the completion of a certain life stage and the opening of a new creative path. Begin a new stage of cooperation with your partners in your professional or personal life. This is a favorable month for any endeavor related to creativity, fertility, or other activity. The Hunter’s plenilune opens up energies for pregnancy, meeting love, and strengthening relationships, and in general, has a positive effect on the sign since this year’s Hunter plenilune is in Aries.


October 2024 Hunter’s Moon rising will make changes to your daily routine and diet and affect the circle of people around you. This will be a favorable time for you to enter a new society, hold a major event, or have a celebration with many guests. These events will affect your future daily life.


For you, the next full moon in October will be associated with a professional triumph or a celebration. This will probably be a new creative project that will open up a new facet in yourself. The Hunters’ lunar season will fill you with energy for new and interesting acquaintances, which was planned but not implemented in the previous half of the year.


This is the best time for you to travel or move to a new place of residence. The month will be successful for passing exams, meeting new people, and starting new long-term projects. Plenilune will bring news of relatives you haven’t seen for a long time or introduce a new person to your family. Perhaps this will make you reconsider your lifestyle.


The energy of October plenilune will help you make contact with new investors or people who will help you realize the value of your own talent. Plenilune will bring you the necessary funding and money. This is the ideal time to restore emotional stability and peace. Engage in therapy, work through your fears, and solve problems in your relationship with a loved one.


For you, a period that requires updating information and partnerships is coming. October plenilune 2024 involves receiving a lot of income and building fruitful cooperation with colleagues and clients. The energies will force you to change your attitude towards certain people and events, but this will work to your benefit.


Your life will change with the arrival of October plenilune, with opportunities for work in new cities and even abroad, as well as resources for travel. Single people have every chance of meeting a partner. Cosmic energies during this period will be aimed at launching new friendships in your life and communication on social networks.


This time will be favorable for creativity and creative projects. You should pay more attention to your children since, at this time, relationships with them are of great importance both for them and for you. Hunter plenilune will give you energy, ideas, fertility, and the prospect of positive changes in the professional sphere.


This is a time of change and a possible change of residence. A hobby or project related to travel may appear in your life. There is a high probability of new acquaintances and romantic encounters that develop into joint trips.


Some stage in your life will come to an end, and you will need to focus to make a number of serious decisions. October atmosphere will allow you to put things in order, get rid of fears, and expand opportunities. Use this time for serious investments or large purchases.


This time opens a new cycle in work and education for you. You will have enough strength to deal with legal issues related to citizenship or visas. Travel, engage in spiritual practices—you will be able to do everything.

Common Tips For The Hunter’s Moon 

During plenilune, it is important to tune in properly and use the energy of our celestial neighbor for your own purposes. Use these tips to live through the October full moon as comfortably and profitably as possible:

  • Summarize personal results. Analyze how you spent the year, what worked for you, and what didn’t.
  • Take a series of actions to change what needs changing. Adjust your daily routine or work schedule. If necessary, ask loved ones for help or give up some tasks.
  • Use plenilune light to cast light on your own targets. Ask yourself what you dream about and what you wish for in the coming weeks or months.

Finally, focus on the values that matter to you most – the ones that most motivate you to move forward.

Let’s Get Ready For The October Hunt

October full hunter’s moon
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Now that you know everything about the Hunter’s Moon, it’s time to prepare for this encounter, like a hunter prepares to face his prey. We sincerely hope your hunt during the Full Moon in October will be successful and you will catch your luck! We will continue to tell you about plenilunes, increasing your success chances throughout the year.

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