Chinese Tianlong-3 Rocket Static Fire Test Ended With Accidental Launch and Explosion (Video)

1st Jul 2024
Chinese Tianlong-3 Rocket Static Fire Test Ended With Accidental Launch and Explosion (Video)

On Sunday, 30th July, the Chinese Space Pioneer’s Tianlong-3 rocket crashed during a ground test. The crash occurred because of a structural failure when the rocket’s first stage detached from its launch pad.

“Due to the structural failure of the connection between the rocket body and the test platform, the first-stage rocket was separated from the launch pad,” stated Space Pioneer, also known as Beijing Tianbing Technology.

Where Did The Tianlong-3 Rocket Land?

The Tianlong-3 rocket landed in a hilly area of Gongyi, central China. After liftoff, the onboard computer automatically shut down. This caused the Tianlong-3 rocket to fall into the deep mountains 1.5 kilometers (0.9 miles) southwest of the test platform. The rocket disintegrated upon impact.

Any Injuries Or Damage?

The company reported no injuries from the crash, as people in the area had been evacuated before the rocket test.

Additionally, according to a separate statement by the Gongyi emergency management bureau, parts of the rocket stage scattered within a “safe area” and caused a local fire. Fortunately, the fire has since been extinguished, and no one was hurt, the bureau reported.

What Is Tianlong-3 Rocket?

The two-stage Tianlong-3 rocket (“Sky Dragon 3”) is a large, partly reusable liquid carrier rocket designed to help build China’s satellite internet network. Space Pioneer claims that its performance is comparable to SpaceX’s Falcon 9. The company also stated that once the rocket successfully completes its first flight, it will be capable of launching more than 30 times per year.

Space Pioneer Company 

Space Pioneer, which designed the Tianlong-3 rocket, is a leading company in the commercial rocket industry. It specializes in liquid-propellant rockets. In April 2023, Space Pioneer successfully launched its Tianlong-2 rocket. According to state media, it was China’s first commercial launch operator to send a liquid carrier rocket into space and achieve orbit.

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