A Mysterious Neon-blue Meteor Flew Over Portugal and Spain: Stunning Videos

20th May 2024
A Mysterious Neon-blue Meteor Flew Over Portugal and Spain: Stunning Videos

Late on Saturday, 18th May, a bright neon-blue meteor flew over Portugal and Spain. Numerous social network users captured the celestial body on video.

Where Did The Neon-blue Meteor Fly Over?

A bright flash of light in the sky was seen mainly in the northern regions of Portugal. But many residents of the southern regions and Spain also noticed the phenomenon.

Where Did The Neon-blue Meteor Land?

Late at night, rescuers received a call that an object may have fallen in the Serra de Montemuro, Portugal, but nothing was found at the site of the alleged fall.

Simultaneously, authorities in Viseu, Portugal, informed Publico that they had received reports of an object descending from the sky, but they had not yet been able to locate whatever crashed to Earth. According to the news outlet, the Civil Protection Agency initially announced a “meteorite fall” but subsequently withdrew that statement.

Currently, there are no official data on the fall of the neon-blue meteor.

Meteor Or Meteorite?

Small objects in space, from tiny grains of sand up to 30 meters in diameter, are referred to as meteoroids. This term is used while the object is still in outer space.

When a meteoroid enters Earth’s atmosphere and starts to burn up in the denser layers, creating a brief but bright streak of light, it is called a meteor.

Therefore, a meteor is more of a phenomenon than a physical object, representing a swift transitional phase. If the meteor doesn’t entirely burn up and a fragment survives the journey through the atmosphere to reach the Earth’s surface, this remaining piece is known as a meteorite.

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