Melissa Quinn Appointed GM Of Seradata

6th Jun 2023
Melissa Quinn Appointed GM Of Seradata

Melissa Quinn, former head of Spaceport Cornwall, has been announced as the new general manager of UK-based Seradata. The appointment came after her departure from Spaceport Cornwall, where she will be taking up the position at the Slingshot Aerospace owned company when the current general manager, Tim Fuller, retires this year. 

Melissa was instrumental in Spaceport Cornwall’s rapid rise in popularity with international space companies, and was a key figure in securing the UK’s first spaceport licence. Melanie Stricklan, CEO of Slingshot Aerospace, said: “Melissa’s pioneering work in establishing the UK’s first spaceport, coupled with her passion for space, purpose-driven leadership, aerospace expertise, and strong business acumen, make her an invaluable addition to our team. 

Melissa Quinn’s Return To The Space Industry

Seradata, a UK space data publishing company – that provides decision support tools, data and analysis to their global network of customers – is welcoming their ‘skyshooter’ GM, Melissa Quinn, this June. The company was acquired by Slingshot Aerospace in 2022, and is notably known for their launch and satellite database which tracks every launch dating back to Sputnik. Now, Melissa is poised to accelerate Seradata’s global expansion. 

Melissa recently noted in a press release that: “I am thrilled to join Slingshot Aerospace because they are at the forefront of revolutionising successful, safe and responsible space operations, which is near and dear to my heart.” Adding: “I… will further deliver unparalleled insights to our customers, benefiting their operations, and ultimately, all of us here on Earth. That’s why I am here, and that’s why I’m proud to be a Slingshooter.”

Learning More About Melissa Quinn

Melissa was an integral member of the Spaceport Cornwall team; she quickly rose up the ranks and became Chief Executive Office in 2021. She was instrumental in the UK’s first space launch – that being Virgin Orbit’s LauncherOne rocket – obtaining the UK’s first spaceport licence, and Spaceport Cornwall’s rapid expansion. Additionally, Melissa played a key role in supporting the future of the UK space industry by promoting engagement with young girls interested in STEM careers. This led to Spaceport Cornwall being awarded the Educational Project of the Year award by the Satellite Innovation Group in 2022.

Who Is Melissa’s Predecessor?

The succession of Seradata’s general manager position will take place in July this year when current GM, Tim Fuller, retires. Tim incepted Seradata in 2013, and has: “significantly expanded the Seradata customer base in the manufacturing, insurance, governmental and launch provider sectors of the space industry.”

Who Are Slingshot Aerospace? 

Slingshot Aerospace is a pioneering space technology company that has specialised in developing ‘data, simulation, and analytics products to optimise space missions’ since 2017. Their mission is to produce products that reduce on-orbit risks, and enhance situational awareness for their network of government and global commercial partnerships. The Texas-based company also strives to aid space organisations in making confident decisions and in achieving precise clarity for space sustainability and mission effectiveness. 

Who Else Is Joining Slingshot Aerospace?

Former NASA Office of Inspector General Attorney-Adviser and Axiom Space Associate General Counsel, Megan Sieffert, is joining the Slingshot team as General Counsel. The collective announcement of both Melissa and Megan points to a move to expedite Slingshot’s footings in the global space industry. Megan is tasked with aiding the company in navigating the complex legal regulations surrounding the aerospace technology industry.

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