A Universe of Stories: 5 Best Space Books of 2023 (So Far)

15th May 2023
A Universe of Stories: 5 Best Space Books of 2023 (So Far)

As a space fan, you’re probably always on the lookout for the next great book to transport you to the far reaches of the cosmos. And let us tell you, 2023 is already shaping up to be a fantastic year for space books! 

From mind-bending science fiction to fascinating non-fiction, the latest releases are sure to satisfy any space enthusiast’s appetite for adventure and discovery. In this article, we’ll share with you the best space books of the first half of 2023. They will capture your imagination and keep you turning the pages. So buckle up and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through the cosmos!

The Future of Geography: How Power and Politics in Space Will Change Our World

Author: Tim Marshall
the most interesting books about space - The future of geography

What’s the most valuable thing in this book? We’d say it’s sharp insights into the way geography shapes the choices of world leaders. Tim Marshall is the UK’s most popular writer on geopolitics. So, if you’ve ever wondered if humans are going back to the Moon, who will benefit from exploration or what space wars might look like, the answers are here.

When the Heavens Went on Sale: The Misfits and Geniuses Racing to Put Space Within Reach

Author: Ashlee Vance
best books about space in 2023 so far - When the heavens went on sale

This book tells remarkable story of four ventures:

Planet Labs, which put shoebox-sized satellites into space to observe Earth to an unprecedented degree; Rocket Lab, a launch company founded in New Zealand by a self-taught rocketeer; Astra, which launches rockets from Alaska; and Firefly Aerospace, a project of Ukrainian-born investor, Max Polyakov, who poured more than $100 million into it. “He’s an OBGYN turned software millionaire, turned rocket magnate, and is just this … one-of-a-kind, force of nature,” Vance says.

The focus on figures outside the limelight offers a fresh look at the new space race, and Vance’s feels-like-you’re-there storytelling captures the “spectacular madness” of the moonshots.

On the Origin of Time: Stephen Hawking’s Final Theory

Author: Thomas Hertog
best books about space to read in 2023 - on the origin of time

This superbly written book offers insight into an extraordinary individual, the creative process, the scope and limits of our current understanding of the cosmos. Thomas Hertog, a cosmologist, professor of theoretical physics, and one of Hawking’s closest collaborators for years, gamely takes up the challenge, emphasising Hawking’s final work that began in the 1990s and remained uncompleted at the time of his death. 

“Stephen’s final theory of the universe contains the kernel of a uniquely powerful reflection on what it can mean to be human in this biofriendly cosmos, as stewards of planet Earth,” writes Hertog.

The Most Anticipated Space Images Ever: The James Webb Telescope’s First Cosmic Images

Author: Mary Donald
nonfiction books about space exploration 2023 - the most anticipated space images ever

Time to talk about the most powerful telescope ever built – The James Webb Space Telescope. Its publication of first images and spectra marked the start of a new era of science operations. Webb told us the story of the hidden universe through every stage of cosmic history, from exoplanets, which are nearby planets outside of our solar system, to the farthest observable galaxies in the early universe.

Full-colour images and spectroscopic data, including the deepest infrared view of our universe that has ever been taken is only one fascinating part of this book. Be ready to explore the magic of cosmos from the first page.

Under Alien Skies: A Sightseer’s Guide to the Universe 

Author: Phil Plait
top nonfiction books about space 2023 - Under alien skies

Astronomer Plait, author of “Bad Astronomy” and “Death From the Skies”, chooses 10 places and begins with the familiar, describing what we would encounter on the moon and Mars. With no atmosphere, the sun heats the moon to 250 degrees at noon. It may drop to minus 200 at night, but the scenery is beautiful. 

As the author shows, beyond Mars, matters are increasingly complex. A small asteroid is probably a pile of rubble, so rather than walk on it, “you’d plunge right through the surface,” and Saturn “has no land to land on.” Readers expecting an easy science-fiction romp will discover that Plait teaches serious astronomy. 

Final Thoughts

Just think about this journey. You can travel through the cosmos, explore the depths of black holes, and marvel at the wonders of space exploration. These books can take you on an incredible adventure, expanding your mind and inspiring to keep exploring. Whether you’re a die-hard space enthusiast or just getting started, you can’t go wrong with any of these books.

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