SaxaVord CAA Application Moves to Consultation Phase

10th May 2023
SaxaVord CAA Application Moves to Consultation Phase

As SaxaVord moves closer to its first vertical launch, they have announced that they have moved to Stage 3 of their CAA application process. The Civil Aviation Authority has mandated the airspace change process, which they set out in Civil Aviation Publication 1616. The SaxaVord CAA application process follows a similar path set for Spaceport Cornwall in 2022.

In moving to Stage 3 of the process SaxaVord must consult with invested parties and those who may have an interest in their operations. This includes the local communities. Some will inevitably see it as an interruption while others will be delighted by the potential for jobs and economic boosts in the area.

When the consultation phase is completed they will move onto Stage 4 of their proposal as outlined by the CAA. This is the proposal, which will ultimately see the authorities make a decision on the future of the spaceport and its progression. SaxaVord is moving at pace in conjunction with local and national authorities, and it is very likely that they will get the go-ahead.

One of SaxaVord’s launch partners, HyImpulse, from Germany, recently completed static testing of their rocket motor. SaxaVord CEO Frank Strang noted that HyImpulse is expected to launch the site’s first suborbital rocket this year.

Feedback May Inform Finalised Airspace Design

In the words of SaxaVord, it “welcomes feedback and comments” at this stage, and it is possible that the consultation could impact upon the different design aspects of the design.

The CAA website features a consultations page, where you will find a survey designed for both individuals and organisations. 

The simple survey gives you the option to respond to statements based on how much you agree on them. For instance, simple questions include “In general terms, to what extent do you/does your organisation support the proposed permanent airspace design?”

You then have the option to expand upon your responses and explain how the proposed designs will impact you or your business. 

If you have any questions or need more info to formulate a response, you can also read through the 56-page “SaxaVord Spaceport ACP-2017-079CAP1616 Stage 3-CONSULT Stakeholder Consultation”. This document outlines the context of the project and evaluates things like the impact on traffic. 

Consultations are open until 12th June, giving any potential stakeholder and the local community the only chance they may get to have their say.

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