Mark Your Calendar: Must-Attend Space Events & Conferences In May 2023 

30th Apr 2023
Mark Your Calendar: Must-Attend Space Events & Conferences In May 2023 

Attention all space enthusiasts! May 2023 is packed with cosmic events that are sure to pique your interest. From stargazing events for kids and adults to academic conferences for space geeks with a passion for science, there’s something for everyone this month. 

Whether you’re a seasoned astronomer or just starting out on your space exploration journey, you won’t want to miss the exciting events happening throughout the last full month of spring.

Tuesday Open Evenings 2023

When: 2,9 May 

Where: COSMOS Community Observatory St Martin’s on Scilly Higher Town St Martin’s, Isles of Scilly TR25 0QL United Kingdom

Step into the breathtaking world of astronomy and explore the mysteries of the cosmos at the Tuesday Open Evenings 2023! You’ll have the opportunity to tour the state-of-the-art facility, learn about the fascinating COSMOS project and Scilly’s dark skies, and even take a peek through the telescopes.

Regardless of whether you get to witness the stars up close or not, the event promises to be an informative and inspiring experience that will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the beauty of our dark skies. 

Royal Institution Public Talk – Fusion energy: The power of the stars

When: 2 May 

Where: The Royal Institution 21 Albermarle Street, London, London, W1S 4BS

Visit the Royal Institution for a public presentation in their theatre. Fusion energy — the power of the stars — offers us the possibility of a clean, sustainable energy future for all. 

Dr. Melanie Windridge gives a comprehensive overview of fusion energy, from its theoretical foundations to its practical applications, brought to life with fun demos from scientists at Tokamak Energy.

Our Dark Universe: The Science of Dark Matter

When: 9 May 

Where: Market House 443 Coldharbour Lane London SW9 8LN United Kingdom

We are all surrounded by an unseen, invisible world, a world made of mysterious substances that we can’t see or touch: the Dark Universe. Over the final decades of the 20th century, astronomers realised that most of the Universe is missing. When we look up into space with our most powerful telescopes we are only glimpsing a tiny fraction of what’s out there. In fact, every galaxy, every star, every planet, every spec of dust in the night sky accounts for just 5% of the Universe.

The remaining 95% is completely unknown, dominated by enigmatic substances called dark matter and dark energy. Today, scientists from all over the world are trying to prise open a window into this hidden world, a scientific mission with the potential to transform how we think about the cosmos and our place in it. In this fascinating talk, particle physicist Dr. Harry Cliff takes us on a tour of the Dark Universe, revealing how we came to realise that most of the Universe is missing, and telling the story of the ongoing quest to discover its true nature.

Children’s Cosmic Club with Cosmic Wonders

When: 15 May 

Where: Guisborough Rugby Club, Belmangate, Guisborough, Cleveland, TS14 7BB

Blast off on a journey through the cosmos at this series of hands-on space astronomy workshops with Cosmic Wonders! These events are perfect for children interested in space-aged 7 to 11.

Exploring the Space-Cyber Security Frontiers

When: 16 May 

Where: DISH 47 Lloyd Street Manchester M2 5LE United Kingdom

Do you know what the cyber security threat landscape looks like for commercial space? Do you want to find out how to build a CubeSat? Are you looking to meet people from across the cyber and space industries?

Join an open event to explore the dual risks in both the space /cyber domains and how both sectors can collaborate to overcome emerging threats to the booming commercial space sector.

This event will include discussions on subjects such as geopolitical risks and threats from industry players and specialists in the space and cyber sector who are keen to share their latest insight, plus the chance to learn how to configure a CubeSat!

So whether you’re new or old to the industry (or you just have an interest in it!), feel free to come along to learn, share your ideas and explore the emerging security challenges between the space and cyber sectors.

Take Up Space – Girls in STEM event

When: 17 May 

Where: Space Systems Integration Facility, Spaceport Cornwall Aerohub Business Park Saint Mawgan Newquay TR8 4HP United Kingdom

It’s time to take up space! This event features hands-on activities and educational discussions as well as talking about routes into the industry. Plus, there is the chance to see the 70ft replica rocket and engage with some amazing Cornish businesses from within the space and wider STEM sector, including:

  • Microsoft
  • Cornish Lithium
  • Goonhilly
  • Avanti
  • Tec Girls
  • Software Cornwall
  • Spaceport Cornwall
  • Halo

It’s just a must-attended event for girls and non-binary people aged 8+ who are interested in finding out more about careers in space and tech. Don’t forget to make siblings with you!

Space to Think: Astronomy – A voyage of discovery

When: 18 May 

Where: Port Independent 4 Saint Thomas’ Street Sunniside SR1 1QD United Kingdom

Most of us have looked up to the sky on a starry night and asked: How big is the universe? Are we alone? What happened before the Big Bang? If you have and especially if you haven’t, come and join us for an evening of astronomy with Gary Fildes. 

Gary has been an astronomer for over 20 years, he is an author, and founder of the Cygnus Observatory at the Washington Wildfowl Park, the Kielder Observatory and currently is the founder and lead astronomer at Grassholme Observatory. He was awarded an honorary Masters in Astronomy at Durham University for his services to Astronomy and has over 15 years of experience in communicating the wonders of the universe to the public.

Astronomy is a subject that takes us outside of our personal bubble and connects us to something bigger than our own self. A subject that inspires and awes all who listen. This promises to be a night to remember.

Sounds of Spacetime

When: 19 May 

Where: The Royal Institution 21 Albemarle Street London W1S 4BS United Kingdom

It’s going to be a thrilling journey through the history of gravity and the latest breakthroughs in the field, with cosmologist and gravitational wave astronomer Tessa Baker. She’ll unravel the mysteries behind Albert Einstein’s theory of gravity and how it predicted the existence of gravitational waves, as well as the incredible experiments that finally confirmed their reality. 

Discover how gravitational waves serve as the sounds of spacetime, granting us the ability to listen to the universe and unlock its secrets like never before, shifting our perspective on the cosmos forever.

Orbit South Central: May 2023

When: 24 May 

Where: Surrey Space Centre Stag Hill University Campus GU2 7XH United Kingdom

Created with the aim of connecting key players in the UK space industry and providing an opportunity to discover the region’s space-related activities, whilst discussing the sector on both a local and national level. These monthly networking events are an occasion in which we can meet to share knowledge and skills. It’s a great chance to hear the latest news, and funding opportunities whilst listening to experts across the sector share their thoughts and ideas.

Speakers for this month include Cameron Edge from Airbus Intelligence UK, Chris Le Petit of Avnet Silica and Dr Andrea Lucca-Fabris from SSC.

Space Lates at the National Space Centre

When: 26 May 

Where: Exploration Drive, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE4 5NS

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to visit the National Space Centre in Leicester for an evening of fantastic guest speakers, planetarium shows, interactive workshops, and live demos. There will also be an opportunity to explore their galleries after hours and join in stargazing using telescopes with astronomers from the Leicester Astronomical Society.

The month is shaping up to be full of Space Events and Conferences for space enthusiasts in the UK. From interactive exhibits and workshops to talks by leading experts and stargazing events, there’s something for everyone!

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