Jupiter and Venus Conjunction: The Most Stunning Images

24th Feb 2023
Jupiter and Venus Conjunction: The Most Stunning Images

Only a couple of weeks have past since the Green CometC/2022 E3 (ZTF) made all of us hunt for it in the night sky, and another rare phenomenon is occurring in February 2023. Jupiter and Venus, two of the brightest planets seen from Earth, came close to each other and astonished us with the amazing rare phenomenon, joined by Moon. Don’t worry if you missed this natural wonder; you still have a chance to see Jupiter and Venus together with your own eyes.

Meanwhile, we’ve gathered some of the most beautiful pictures of the Jupiter and Venus conjunction as it was seen all around the globe. 

The best images of Venus and Jupiter conjunction 2023

Jupiter and Venus have been slowly moving toward one another during the past few weeks. The gap between the two planets was 29 degrees at the beginning of the month. 

Venus and Jupiter seen together
Source: @peachastro/Twitter

They will be around “one fist” apart on 20th February, which is slightly over nine degrees. The distance between Jupiter and Venus will be only 2.3 degrees on 27th February. They will finally be closest on March 1st, with a distance of just 31 arc minutes (or 0.52 degrees) between them.

Venus Jupiter Moon 2023
Source: @Astrofotografen/Twitter
Venus Jupiter Moon rare image
Source: @Astrofotografen/Twitter
Venus Jupiter 2023 night sky
Source: @Astrofotografen/Twitter

What is Venus and Jupiter’s conjunction?

Venus and Jupiter conjunctions occur when the two planets are close to one another in the sky from a vantage point (in our case, Earth!). These phenomena are periodic but uncommon, happening only about once every 13 months.

Venus and Jupiter are two bright objects in the sky when they are in conjunction, with Venus seeming brighter because of its proximity to Earth. The conjunctions, which are visible to the naked eye, are a welcome event among astronomers and anyone who likes stargazing.

The next conjunction between Venus and Jupiter is expected to occur in 2047.

Venus Jupiter Moon Conjunction
Source: @AstroGann33/Twitter

Why Jupiter and Venus are so close to each other in the night sky?

The following image, which was produced with the help of Solar System Scope, depicts the planets’ positions in relation to Earth on 1st March 2023. Jupiter is visible in the distance when observers from Earth turn their gaze towards Venus. The two planets look close to each other in the sky due to this line of sight phenomenon. 

Jupiter Venus conjunction
Image created with Solar System Scope

This is an incredible chance for astronomers to see two of the most stunning planets in our solar system close up. On the 1st of March evening, make sure to look up at the sky to see this amazing sight.

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