DoD ESC-MC Sat Network Comms Plan Released

26th Jan 2023
DoD ESC-MC Sat Network Comms Plan Released

In an attempt to modernise and improve SATCOM networks, the U.S. Department of Defense is aiming to improve data sharing among their networks. An enterprise-level strategy released this week called the Enterprise Satellite Communications Management and Control— or ESC-MC —Implementation Plan covers the details of the effort. 

Among the goals of the plan are improved communication and collaboration with other partners (including commercial partners) and to create a more robust defence. The report’s authors explain that “the global threat landscape is constantly evolving and remaining competitive, and modernising our digital environment is imperative for the Department of Defense to meet challenges not only from great powers and regional adversaries, but also from violent and criminal non-state actors and extremists.”

ESC-MC part of a larger effort

Things have been moving behind the scenes, and the U.S. already has modernisation projects in the works to improve satellite communications networks. For instance, the Space Force Protected Satellite Communications program is in place to enhance the anti-jam capabilities of satellites. The Space Development Agency is also developing a fleet of networked data transport satellites.

The ESC-MC plan will also consider the fast-moving private space industry, including how to integrate SATCOM from SpaceX and other potential strategic partnerships. The plan outlines a three-phased approach, with the first step beginning in Fiscal Year 2023. This phase focuses on data and information. In the second phase, the programme will  move onto integrating DoD information. The third phase will concentrate on delivering data and capabilities that both automate tasks and provide further value to partners.

ESC-MC has a timetable designed to ensure prompt fulfillment. The DoD CIO is set to be the lead architect for SATCOM projects, overseeing all of the implementation methods through to completion, with 2029 earmarked as the end of the final phase for “full instantiation of ESC-MC capabilities.”

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