Cornwall Launch Live Stream Information

9th Jan 2023
Cornwall Launch Live Stream Information

Seeing the Start Me Up launch from the ground can be difficult. At best, you will see the flame from the rockets firing. Weather and distance might make even that an impossibility. However, you could watch a live stream of the launch online and gain more information to boot. The Cornwall launch live stream might well be the way to go to watch this historic event!

Spaceport Cornwall Live Stream

Spaceport Cornwall is hosting the live stream of the launch as part of their outreach program. The management of the spaceport sees public outreach as an important element of what they do. The payoff comes in igniting young minds to consider a career in space. As Spaceport Cornwall CEO Melissa Thorpe told OT, “We knew that Space inspires and launch especially inspires children to go into careers in STEM, as we saw with the Apollo missions, and they didn’t even have an official outreach program.”

The Cornwall launch live stream can be accessed through a page on Spaceport Cornwall’s website or via Virgin Orbit on YouTube. The live stream starts at 21.15 GMT, and at the time of writing, over 2900 people were already waiting for it to begin.

Advantages of watching the Spaceport Cornwall Live Stream

Even though seeing the flame from the rocket with your own eyes is a great way to mark the event, the live stream should be much more informative. After all, a Boeing 747 at 35,000 feet is just a speck, and at night, a satellite could have a better chance of being seen. A live stream, though, will give you a chance to hear a live commentary on what’s happening both on the ground and in the air. So, even if you’re out to catch a glimpse for yourself, make sure to follow the live stream as well!

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