Skyrora Welcomes US Chief of Space Ops During UK Tour

2nd Sep 2022
Skyrora Welcomes US Chief of Space Ops During UK Tour

Toward the end of last month, General John W. “Jay” Raymond, the first Chief of Space Operations for the United States, visited Skyrora facilities. 

The landmark visit is another indication of the growing bond between the United Kingdom and the United States ahead of Skyrora’s intent to be the first UK business to fulfill a vertical launch from home soil. This is penned for 2023. 

General Raymond is the most senior military leader in charge of the United States Space Force and a four-star general. He serves as a military advisor for the President, National Security Council, and US Secretary of Defence.

International cooperation is more important than ever

General Raymond visited the new rocket facility for Skyrora in Cumbernauld, which is the biggest of its kind in the country. At present, three launch vehicles are being produced here. 

Skyprint 2, the biggest hybrid 3D printer in Europe, is currently housed here. This enables Skyrora to carry out a greater amount of the manufacturing of its rocket elements from the United Kingdom.

Speaking about the visit, General John Raymond said the following:

“Now, more than ever, international cooperation in space is critically important. And the proliferation of commercial space efforts helps all spacefaring nations by driving costs down. 

“I appreciate the fantastic tour of the Skyrora facilities and the opportunity to spend time with the impressive team there.”

Chief Operations Officer at Skyrora, Lee Rosen, added to this:

“General Raymond’s visit on behalf of the US Space Force has been a valuable opportunity to provide insight into Skyrora’s rapid, responsive technical capabilities – such as our mobile launch complex and third stage technology, which can contribute to several key space applications, including in-orbit spacecraft servicing and space domain awareness. 

“These, combined with Skyrora’s sustainably-minded focus, will enable key defence activities within space for the benefit of all.”

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