NanoAvionics Extends Satellite Bus Range

19th Aug 2022
NanoAvionics Extends Satellite Bus Range

NanoAvionics, a global mission integrator, unveiled two new microsatellite buses on 10th August. They added the MP42D and MP42H to their product line, which is based on the MP42 flagship bus.

This means that the company now has one of the broadest selection of modular microsatellite buses available commercially in the entire industry. These buses can hold customer payloads up to 145 kg and a total satellite mass of as much as 220 kg. 

Getting into orbit safely, quickly, and cost-effectively

Designed to considerably lower the mechanical restrictions for payload integration, the satellites featured in this new range are ideal for a variety of more advanced field missions in remote sensing, complex communication systems, fundamental research, emergency communications, and high data throughput. 

The CEO and founder of NanoAvionics, Vytenis J. Buzas, said the following: 

“More and more customers require sophisticated missions and applications which in return demand flexible buses designed and equipped to host their larger payloads while keeping cost low. 

“With our newly extended range, based on our flight-proven MP42 bus, and together with our mission operations and launch brokering, we are offering the perfect solution to allow these companies to get their operational satellites into orbit quickly, safely, and cost-effectively.”

He further added that the extension represented the next logical move forward in the overall NanoAvionics decision to expand into the micro-satellite industry. This comes as a consequence of lower expenses in the launcher segment, enabling heavier payloads as a consequence. This development affects the entire sector. 

As is the case with all of the buses created by NanoAvionics, lead times and overall costs are lowered even further due to the standardised design that keeps 80 percent of the satellite’s architecture for any consumer mission. This means that the company is able to manufacture parts in bigger quantities in advance. 

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