AAC Clyde Space Gets Welcome Boost to Q3 Orders

10th Aug 2022
AAC Clyde Space Gets Welcome Boost to Q3 Orders

Leading small sat component manufacturer AAC Clyde Space announced the extension of an existing power supply order. On 4th August, the UK-Swedish small sat component manufacturer confirmed that it received an order to produce an additional 25 power systems for an existing client. The company already completed multiple orders totaling more than 50 units. The additional request includes Starbuck-Nano Power Conditioning and Distribution Units. The company plans to deliver the power supplies along with Optimus batteries, which offer high capacity with low volume and mass, in Q4 2022.

AAC Clyde Space tweeted the encouraging news.

Good news for AAC Clyde Space investors

AAC Clyde Space aims to become a leading player in the Space Data as a Service (SDaaS) market. However, the pressure is on to deliver results. Today’s announcement will help ease investor concerns surrounding the company’s ability to gain market share of the SDaaS segment. The power supply order will keep the company in gear while looking to grow the SDaaS business.

Another string to the British space sector bow

The UK is poised to be the first country in Europe to successfully launch an orbital satellite from Europe. The additional orders for UK companies involved in the sector show the breadth of the nation’s claim to become a leader in the New Space industry.

Spaceport Cornwall is the site from where Virgin Orbit’s modified Boeing 747 aircraft—Cosmic Girl—will take flight in 2022. Cosmic Girl will carry the Launcher One rocket to 35,000 feet, where the under-wing rocket will propel satellites into orbit.

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