UK Startup NORSS To Be Acquired By Raytheon

4th Aug 2022
UK Startup NORSS To Be Acquired By Raytheon

Northern Space and Security, otherwise known as NORSS, is set to be acquired by Raytheon Intelligence & Space. Raytheon announced on 18th July that it intends to acquire the UK-based startup, which specialises in space surveillance and tracking, orbital analysis, and space domain awareness.

NORSS on an upward trajectory

NORSS was founded by Ralph Dinsley, a Royal Air Force veteran, in 2017. It supplies the UK Space Agency with orbital analyst technical services.

Moreover, the company recently won a contract with the UK Ministry of Defence for the development of a new simulator system for creating and testing out satellites and constellations for the British military in the future.

A mutually beneficial deal

NORSS see the takeover as an opportunity to break into the US market. At the same time, space domain awareness has been highlighted as a key interest area for Raytheon UK’s Strategic Research Group. SRG, as it is called is part of the business’s UK-based space company.

Speaking about the acquisition, Dinsley said the following:

“The acquisition, upon completion, will facilitate expansion by NORSS through access into new markets.

“As part of Raytheon Intelligence & Space, we will have expanded access to international markets, continued investments in research and development, and opportunities to collaborate on the next generation of space technologies.”

Adding to this, the chief executive of Raytheon UK, Jeff Lewis stated:

“Bringing together the complementary capabilities of these two leading space companies will enhance the quality of the U.K.’s orbital analysis and space situational awareness technologies.

“It also answers a call made by the U.K. government for companies to invest in cutting-edge space technologies.”

The terms of the deal have not been disclosed at this stage.

NORSS and space domain awareness

The space domain awareness capabilities that NORSS provide meet a growing demand from government agencies. Actions by both China and Russia raise concerns about the safety of space-borne assets. Russia in particular acts aggressively, with attacks on satellite communications services and the creation of physical hazards by blowing up satellites and leaving the pieces to orbit the earth.

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