South Korea & UK Outline Future Space Cooperation

21st Jul 2022
South Korea & UK Outline Future Space Cooperation

South Korea and the United Kingdom drew closer on space matters. Specifically, the leaders of the Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF) and the Royal Air Force have signed Terms of Reference. This document outlines cooperation in the space domain in the future between the ROKAF and UK Space Command. 

The move is part of a move by South Korea to improve space situational awareness and become a player in the space industry, Seoul also signed an agreement with the United States in April.

Air Vice-Marshal Paul Godfrey, Commander – UK Space Command, said:

“This agreement is the first step in developing UK Space Command’s relationship with the ROKAF Space Centre to ensure that space is safe and sustainable for future generations.”

What does the UK – South Korea agreement mean?

The agreement establishes a number of Space Engagement talks to integrate space capabilities as defence partners and boost defence space cooperation.

This cooperation will cover areas including personnel challenges, collaborative training and exercises, and operational knowledge sharing. It also establishes a mutual desire for sharing space-related data via future information-sharing agreements.

Air Chief Marshal Sir Mike Wigston, Chief of the Air Staff – Royal Air Force, has spoken about the agreement:

“Space is critical to our security, our prosperity, and our modern way of life. The UK and the Republic of Korea share the same determination to ensure that space is there for the benefit of all, so I look forward to the deep cooperation between UK Space Command and the ROKAF that this arrangement will enable.”

Chief of Staff of the Air Force – Republic of Korea Air Force, General Jung Sang-hwa, added:

“The two countries have pursued their common values, including democracy, multilateralism, and human rights.

In addition, ROKAF and RAF jointly responded to various global issues through military cooperation, such as Air to Air Staff Talks.

Based on the SET established today, I am confident that cooperation and communication between the air forces will expand further into the space field.”

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