David Willets Sees Space Fueling Interest In Science

13th Jul 2022
David Willets Sees Space Fueling Interest In Science

David Willets, chairman of the UK Space Agency, sees that the UK must make young people enthusiastic about the possibilities of science and technology. 

Willets took on the agency role in April. His focus includes bringing the niche but burgeoning £16 billion space sector to the masses has been a main objective. 

Speaking to The National for an 8th July article, he said that:

“Space is a key part of national infrastructure. It’s not some luxury good that’s just for American billionaires. “

“I think it’s one of the most exciting things happening in the world.”

Offering jobs to our young minds

The UK government sees space as a vital part of the economy. The field offers technological progress, high-skilled job opportunities, as well as sparking the creativity of the public, scientists, and explorers. 

The space industry receives accolades for ensuring the world is informed about climate change. It also powers much of the communications and navigation that we all depend on in our day-to-day lives. 

Geopolitics plays an essential role as well. In 2021, the UK Foreign Policy Review declared that space was a “sphere of competition”. The government welcomed launchpads in Britain as a way of defending the UK’s interests in what lies beyond Earth. 

Space needs to be more visible in education

The space industry suffers from the staffing issues that have been plaguing most of the post-COVID economy. The government sees a need to address the wider skills shortage in STEM jobs. Skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics head the list.

David Willets believes that to remedy the situation, space needs to be given a much more visible place in the education of young people.

Are you interested in joining the space sector?

Do you want to be one of the brilliant minds that progresses the UK space sector further? If so, make sure you check out our guides on how to become an astronaut in the UK and how to become a satellite designer

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