SatixFy and OneWeb Team Up for 5G Satellite Link

11th Jul 2022
SatixFy and OneWeb Team Up for 5G Satellite Link

SatixFy demonstrated a 5G satellite link through a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellation, the company announced. The Farnborough, UK based manufacturer of electronic systems for communications over satellite used a compact, completely electronically steered multi-orbit, multi-beam antenna terminal to demonstrate the low-latency, high-speed link. 

Partnering with OneWeb for 5G Satellite

SatixFy teamed up with OneWeb as part of the ESA Sunrise Partnership Project. With the UK Space Agency also providing support, ESA hopes that Sunrise Partnership will make possible services such as 5G satellite communication.

Together, they developed a steerable, multi-beam array technology, suitable for mobility services over both LEO and Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) satellites simultaneously. 

Users will also be able to integrate the terminal into 5G equipment. This will enable end-to-end access to an LEO constellation network using a 5G signal. 

This demonstration involved utilizing a vehicle- mounted user terminal. The team performed beam and satellite handovers, as well as frequency hopping at 1,200 km over the OneWeb LEO network. 

This was while maintaining a continual and simultaneous link with a GEO satellite at a 36,000 Km altitude. 

Live 4K UHDTV audio and video streaming occurred via the Geo Satellite. The CEO of SatixFy UK, Simona Gat, said the following:

“This test further validates our products addressing two of our major target markets: electronically-steered multibeam user terminals for mobility and the use of our terminals to address the large space-enabled 5G market. 

“It has been a pleasure to work with OneWeb to demonstrate this unique capability.”

The potential for 6G

Chief Executive of the UK Space Agency, Dr. Paul Bate, remarked:

“The results of this trial will help transform how satellite and terrestrial networks interact, accelerating the development of technologies such as connected vehicles and autonomous cars. 

“It is a great example of why we’re supporting ESA’s state-of-the-art 5G/6G hub in Harwell, which will create new commercial opportunities and catalyze investment into the UK’s thriving space sector.”

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  1. This collaboration leverages SatixFy’s advanced technology and OneWeb’s satellite network to provide seamless, high-speed communication, especially in remote and underserved regions, significantly advancing the capabilities of satellite-based 5G networks.

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