UFO Sightings now a Topic for NASA Research

13th Jun 2022
UFO Sightings now a Topic for NASA Research

UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) sightings have fascinated people for decades. The phenomenon fuels wild conspiracy theories of citizens being abducted by aliens and theories of alien beings already living alongside humans on earth. Of course, none of this helped by the secrecy that governments apply to those sightings around the world. Think Area 51.

However, in reality, many — if not most — of those UFO sightings have been made by military personnel and airline pilots. Some of these are very convincing and believable. And governments around the globe have held files on those sightings, and kept them confidential. Some countries have recently started opening up those files to the public.

Last week, NASA announced that they intend to conduct extensive research on UFO sightings.

A number of prominent science and mainstream media outlets have reported on the announcement…

With NASA now entering the UFO arena, it is no longer in the realm of conspiracy theories or crazy science fiction stories, so expect some serious output as a result of NASA’s research.

The topic has emerged recently, with the U.S. Congress holding its first open hearing on the topic since the 1970s. The 17th May hearing produced no world-changing conclusions. However, it appears to have been a catalyst for NASA to feel more comfortable with taking a serious, publicly acknowledged look at the issue.

Britain and UFOs

The British government have examined unexplained aerial phenomena, especially under Project Condign (1997-2000). While some events and trends, such as the climb in sightings of slow-moving clusters of lights in the sky could be explained by the rise in popularity of Chinese lanterns being released into the air, the presence of physical phenomena that could not be currently explained is incontrovertible.

However, what can be inexplicable on one day may prove to be clear the next. The consensus regarding the image taken over the skies of Bradford in May 2022, shown above, is that the camera involved suffered from lens flare.

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