AAC Clyde Space Highlights SDaaS at Q&A Session

4th Jun 2022
AAC Clyde Space Highlights SDaaS at Q&A Session

Glasgow based AAC Clyde Space held its quarterly Q&A session with investors on 3rd June. Among other topics, investors queried the company over its ability to gain a share of the emerging Satellite Data as a Service market.

In 2020, the SDaaS market totalled $6.09 billion. Growth estimates place the market size at $45.85 billion by 2030. AAC Clyde Space expects to leverage its experience in the field. Partnerships with established large enterprises such as SAAB help keep it ahead of the competition.

Space Data as a Service

Demand for remote sensing, communications, and navigation are driving small satellite demand in general. However, SDaaS helps companies without the budget or know-how regarding satellites and launch. SDaaS enables access to data from space for companies which formerly could not take on a project involving a satellite. Applications ranging from weather data to maritime tracking to imagery are increasing in demand already. AAC Clyde Space expects the market for optical data for the farming and forestry sector alone to reach more than S1 billion per year by 2030.

SDaaS relies on subscriptions and renewals for access to data gathered by satellites launched by the provider. This model saves the user money compared to paying for the space-borne hardware. By lowering the cost of acquiring the data, more users can be accommodated. One example of this model in action is in the use of imagery by civilian analysts and volunteers regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022. Social media was used to crowd-source funding by volunteers to gain access to data on Russian troop placements before the invasion.

The development of SDaaS is likely to converge with other trends such as the use of Internet of Things technologies to speed up the development of infrastructure in space. Satellite manufacturers such as AAC Clyde Space expect to lead this convergence.

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