UFO Spotted over Bradford, Local Media Reports

21st May 2022
UFO Spotted over Bradford, Local Media Reports

An unidentified flying object, or UFO, appeared in a photograph of the skies over Shipley, in Bradford, on 18th May, a local newspaper reports. The Telegraph & Argus posted a photograph taken by a local man of an orange object in the sky. The Bradford news site also claims that through a Freedom of Information request, it learnt that the West Yorkshire Police had been called in April by a woman from nearby Baildon regarding her having been attacked by an alien. The police in the UK receive a steady flow of calls from citizens regarding such sightings.

While the UK is not as famous as some parts of the United States for its UFO sightings, people in Great Britain do see them regularly. The Ministry of Defence published yearly reports of UFO sightings from 1997-2009. These reports list sightings from people ranging from a “witness in lounge” to pilots and Air Traffic Controllers. The Guardian reported on 26th December that UFO reports in Northern Ireland had doubled since 2019, from four to eight.

UFO Hearing on Capitol Hill

The hearing produced no major breakthroughs regarding UFOs. However, the subcommittee showed a video for the first time in public of a spherical object rapidly passing by an American F-18 jet fighter. Other videos showed previously released footage of events witnessed by military personnel and/or captured by radar.

Undersecretary of Defense for intelligence and security Ronald S. Moultrie told the bi-partisan subcommittee that, “We know that our service members have encountered unidentified aerial phenomena. We are committed to an effort to determine their origins.”

Deputy Director of naval intelligence Scott W. Bray told the lawmakers that problems exist in terms of pilots being reluctant to report on sightings of UAPs.  Reporting encounters often results in the reporter being stigmatised by their peers. Both Bray and Moultrie explained that this culture must be dismantled. In particular, reporting must replace the former silence. According to The Washington Post, Bray finished his statement by telling the congressmen that, “The message is clear: If you see something, you need to report it,” Bray said.

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