Skyrora Waiting on Test Launch License from Icelandic Government

20th May 2022
Skyrora Waiting on Test Launch License from Icelandic Government

UK-based company Skyrora is waiting for the Icelandic government’s permission to carry out its test launch from Husavik. Originally planned for September 2021, SkyLark L test flight should prepare the ground for the first-ever orbital launch of Skyrora XL rocket. The latter should take place from UK soil and is expected in 2023.

Skyrora’s Test Launch in Detail

Once the Icelandic government issues the necessary license, the company will launch its SkyLark rocket from a containerised mobile spaceport. This platform is designed for easy transposition to the lift-off location and can get launch-ready just a week after arriving at the spot.

SkyLark L is the first Skyrora rocket that can cross the Karman line 100km above the Earth’s surface. It runs on 30kN biopropellant and can exceed the speed of sound by 3.5 times. However, SkyLark remains an experimental launcher with a low, just 50kg, payload capacity. Usually, this 11-metre high rocket is used by research institutions to conduct microgravity tests.

Today, the launch agreement between the UK and Iceland is already signed, and the only thing missing is the Icelandic launch license. The Skyrora test launch from Iceland, when it finally happens, should prepare a heavier Skyrora XL rocket for actual payload deliveries up to 315kg.

Skyrora Representatives UK-Iceland Cooperation

Jack-James Marlow, head of engineering at Skyrora, states that the cooperation between Iceland and the UK is strong, and the government is now finalising the last launch license details. He also mentions the support from the Thorshavn community, offering all sorts of help, from delivering cranes to providing local accommodation.

Skyrora founder and CEO Volodymyr Levykin is also optimistic about the upcoming test launch, adding that Iceland is heavily invested in the mission and is perfectly located for the Skyrora test launch.

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