Gilmour Space Technologies to oversee student satellite-building Space Project

20th May 2022
Gilmour Space Technologies to oversee student satellite-building Space Project

Students from 11 high schools across South-East Queensland took part in a student satellite-building space project led by Gilmour Space Technologies and other industry leaders. From 29th April-2nd May, the Griffith University’s Gold Coast campus hosted a four-day interactive session with 9-11 Year students and the leading Australian aerospace companies.

About Student Satellite-Building Space Project

Within the student satellite-building space project, participants designed, programmed, and built a CubeSat, which will be later launched into orbit from Bowen spaceport in Northern Queensland. The project named Platypus will take about a year, throughout which 56 chosen students from 11 high schools will work on the satellite design.

The 10cm³ CubeSat will be launched 400km above the Earth’s surface to record cloud covers. The tech will be equipped with sensors and cameras that will use artificial intelligence to both map and monitor weather trajectories. Ultimately, the student satellite-building space project should be helpful in ensuring a timely response to natural disasters.

Gilmour Space Technologies’ Part in the Project

Gilmour Space Technologies is the leading Australian launch operator, and the student-built satellite should fly into space onboard its Eris rocket in 2023. Gilmour Space Technologies CEO is very optimistic about the project, stating that it gives a rare opportunity to share their team’s passion for space with the next generation and inspire young people to pursue careers in STEM and the space niche.

Professor De Souza, head of the Griffith University School, shares this enthusiasm, adding that space is the area where experience-sharing is the key to successful exploration. Exploration, in turn, is part of being human, according to De Souza.

Besides Gilmour Space Technologies, several other companies, including Deloitte and Airbus, will take part in the first Australian student satellite-building space project.

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