Satellite Communications Company Viasat Joins Harwell UK Space Innovation Hub

13th May 2022
Satellite Communications Company Viasat Joins Harwell UK Space Innovation Hub

Viasat, an established leader in satellite communications technology, joins Space Cluster in Harwell to support UK space innovation. To date, the Harwell cluster hosts many companies in both public and private sectors, including entities from the UK Space Agency and the European Space Agency. By joining the cluster, Viasat hopes to strengthen its technological and research partnerships.

Viasat on Joining Harwell Space Innovation Cluster

According to Viasat President and CEO Rick Baldridge, the decision to join the largest UK Space Innovation cluster shows the company’s intent to play its part in developing the local aerospace sector. Baldridge adds that Viasat team is looking forward to building valuable partnerships that would bring more space capabilities to the UK market. The company is working on a global satellite constellation for broadband internet, Viasat-3. However, to provide a fully secure and dependable service, it is necessary to create ties with other UK space innovation companies. Baldridge believes new alliances will help work on safety, suitability, and encryption protocols.

Harwell Representatives on a Newcomer

Dr Joanna Hart, development manager at the UK Space Innovation Centre, is enthusiastic about welcoming Viasat to the Harwell Centre. She emphasises that the company has a well-established reputation for working with startups in the space niche. In its turn, Harwell will happily offer the newcomer full access to its expertise and technology. As a result, this collaboration could help discover new commercial opportunities and develop next-generation space tech.

Right now, Harwell UK Space Innovation experts estimate that the UK space industry contributes £5.7 billion GPD to the state budget each year. However, the campus is aiming for more progress by attracting established space players to its ecosystem. By 2030, Harwell UK Space Innovation residents aim to achieve a major National Space Strategy milestone – grow UK’s share in the international space market to 10%.

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