Rocket Factory Augsburg Chose Helix Rocket Engine in a Public Contest

5th May 2022
Rocket Factory Augsburg Chose Helix Rocket Engine in a Public Contest

Rocket Factory Augsburg picked a Helix rocket engine name after analysing over 3800 suggestions submitted during the company’s publicly open contest. So far, the RFA rocket engine is the only space tech that the public has given a name to. The contest was held in two rounds; Rocket Factory Augsburg picked the top 10 suggestions in the first one. In the second one, a proud winner – the Helix rocket engine – was finally chosen by the aerospace enthusiasts.

Rocket Factory Augsburg on Helix Rocket Engine Specs

Now that Rocket Factory finally has a name for its RFA rocket engine, the company announced more details about its brainchild. The Helix rocket engine uses combustion and is powered by RP-1, using liquid oxygen as an oxidiser. Rocket Factory Augsburg will use nine engines in its first and second RFA rocket engine stages.

A rocket engine directs exhaust gases from a pre-burner directly into the combustion chamber. This will ensure better fuel burnout and make the Helix rocket engine 7% more effective than cycle engines. In its turn, the increased engine efficiency will ensure that the Rocket Factory Augsburg micro launcher can carry 30% more payloads. Finally, such a combustion technology will be more environmentally friendly because less soot and gases will be released into the atmosphere.

Symbolism Behind RFA Rocket Engine Name

Dr Stefan Tweraser, Rocket Factory Augsburg CEO, says that the team is overwhelmed by the many great entries and the valuable feedback from the public. Tweraser says that people have truly used their creative minds to suggest a lot of beautiful and creative names. Helix is ​​a beautiful name with an apt meaning since DNA is shaped like a helix. Considering that the RFA rocket engine will act as the launcher’s DNA, it is only logical to name the new technology ‘Helix Rocket Engine’.

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