Orbex Space Ensures LP1 Testing Launchpad Will Cause No Disturbance

11th Apr 2022
Orbex Space Ensures LP1 Testing Launchpad Will Cause No Disturbance

In February 2022, rocket manufacturer Orbex Space set up a test launchpad for its Prime rocket at Kinloss Barracks. During the next Forres Community Council meeting, former RAF representatives voiced concerns that the launchpad could cause a disturbance with noise and vibrations. However, according to the rocket firm, Kinloss residents will not be disturbed with either.

Orbex Space LP1 Launchpad Noise Estimates

Orbex Space LP test launchpad is designed to rehearse launch procedures for the manufacturer’s Prime rocket. Prime will be able to deliver satellites weighing up to 150 kg, while the test launchpad itself weighs 40 tonnes.

The local council has granted Orbex Space permission to carry out launch tests last June. This February, Steve Ferris, a former RAF serviceman, inquired about noise pollution levels from the testing site.

According to noise management estimates, the noise and pressure will carry within 2km radius. Given the barely populated area, this should not cause any disturbance for the residents. Furthermore, the noise levels should only be 82 decibels at their maximum, which is almost twice the noise pollution from a Typhoon aircraft. So, even at Findhorn, Orbex Space testing launchpad will not cause any disturbance.

Orbex Space on Collaboration with Local Community

Besides following all safety procedures, the rocket manufacturer maintains regular contact with the local community to stay up-to-date on all local activities. According to the company’s official statement, the launchpad will allow testing of essential equipment and procedures, but all the launch rehearsals will remain silent in nature. The only rehearsal that could potentially cause some noise is engine testing, but the company is determined to mitigate its consequences. The mitigation measures include monitoring noise levels and offering advance notifications before the testing begins. More importantly, Orbex Space will keep engine tests restricted to certain days and hours to ensure minimum disruption.

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