Orbex Space Takes Its Rocket Launch Platform 80 Miles to Test Location

15th Mar 2022
Orbex Space Takes Its Rocket Launch Platform 80 Miles to Test Location

The first Orbex Space platform for vertical rocket launch designed in the UK (Orbex LP1) has completed its 80-mile voyage from Peterhead to the Kinloss Orbex test facility. Before arriving at its ultimate destination, the massive truck was escorted by police through the breathtaking Scottish country landscape.

An Orbex Space Launch Platform for the Prime Rocket

The latest launch platform will be used to test the Orbex Prime carrier, which is a microlauncher developed to lift small satellites under 150 kilograms to low Earth orbit. It will also allow the team for launch operations to practice rollout, and fuelling of the first launch.

Although real Orbex Prime rocket launches will not happen at the test site, this Orbex Space launch platform can still service vertical rocket launches, both orbital and suborbital. Orbex LP1 will allow to practice and test launch operations ahead of the first rocket launch from Space Hub Sutherland

How Will the Launch Platform Be Used?

Orbex LP1 provides all of the infrastructure and support services necessary to carry out a broad range of integration tests throughout the launch campaign preparation process, including testing under hot fire of multiple engines in vertical firing conditions and main propellant tanks. 

Motive Offshore Group, the major Scotland-based business specialiSing in the design and construction of lifting and maritime equipment, manufactured the platform, which has now been placed on site. We’ll get more information regarding Orbex Space and Orbex LP1 in the near future.

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