Antares Rocket Launch Starts the Missions to International Space Station (ISS)

14th Mar 2022
Antares Rocket Launch Starts the Missions to International Space Station (ISS)

A Northrop Grumman rocket launch via Antares booster has been deemed a success. That means the mission to send new supply cargos to the International Space Station (ISS) has had its initial start. The first stage of the 42.5-metre rocket that took off from Virginia’s Eastern Shore was constructed and assembled in Ukraine and the twin engines in Russia. The Ukrainian-made engines gave off over 860,000 pounds of propelling power during the initial three minutes of the take-off from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport and the upper stage of the rocket launch carried the cargo with experiments and food to the crew working on the ISS.

The Rocket Launch Serves Many Purposes

The primary aim of a rocket launch with cargo to the ISS is to provide supplies for the scientists working on the station. The planned operations will continue at least until 2030 and establishing steady supply lines helps the crew conduct vital scientific experiments that can benefit all humankind. For example, the current research looks into possible cancer treatments and skin aging in microgravity. But every rocket launch also takes modification kits to space. This equipment helps to prepare the ISS for upgraded solar wings. The new pair should arrive soon from SpaceX.

What Cargo Holds for ISS

The NG-17 cargo mission with the Cygnus supply freighter plans to take over 8,300 pounds of equipment, science investigations, vehicle hardware, etc. to the ISS. Among the supplies, the rocket launches carry 1,975 pounds of scientific experiments. Apart from the previously mentioned research, scientists on ISS are also assessing material flammability to find the most suitable ones for future Mars and moon expeditions. They’ll have plenty of technology and supplies to stay busy testing various systems. NASA has contracts with Northrop Grumman to carry out nineteen supply missions, and the next Antares rocket launch will happen in August 2023.

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