Kim Kardashian Dinner With Jeff Bezos: Next Celebrity Going into Space?

8th Mar 2022
Kim Kardashian Dinner With Jeff Bezos: Next Celebrity Going into Space?

Kim Kardashian and her new partner, Pete Davidson, recently dined with Jeff Bezos, with the makeup mogul revealing her thoughts on going to space with Blue Origin. After Kim and her boyfriend dined with Jeff Bezos in Los Angeles on 25th January, her fans were excited at the possibility of Kim being the next guest to enjoy a trip to space on Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket. While these rumours continued to spread, a source spoke with HollywoodLife about how Kim Kardashian feels about space tourism and the idea of launching into the stratosphere.

Thoughts on Space Travel With Blue Origin

Kim Kardashian’s opinion on space travel was revealed when she and her boyfriend Pete Davidson reportedly met with Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos at his house. When they dined with Jeff, a source has revealed they did not focus on discussions about going to space, but Kim would be enthusiastic about embracing a chance to fly to space if the opportunity was presented to her. She thinks this would be a cool thing, and if Jeff put it on the table, she would definitely be up for it.

Kim Kardashian’s Bucketlist

There are several bucket list items for Kim Kardashian, and she would embrace an offer to go into space with Blue Origin. If she’s granted the golden ticket, Kim Kardashian will follow in the footsteps of other stars who reached for the stars via Jeff’s space program. In November 2021, Michael Strahan, a former NFL player and the host of Good Morning America, made the historic touchdown after a 10-minute ride to space on the Blue Origin rocket, the New Shepherd.

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