Potential Irish and Scottish Space Industries Collaboration in the Pipeline

2nd Mar 2022
Potential Irish and Scottish Space Industries Collaboration in the Pipeline

Ireland’s Minister of State for Business, Employment, and Retail, Damien English, met with his Scottish counterpart to discuss a potential space industry collaboration. The meeting focused on the rapid development of Irish and Scottish space industries and how the two nations can work together to achieve greater goals.

The Scotland Space to Partner with Irish Counterpart for more Impact within ESA

As highlighted by Minister English, there has been a 58% increase in Irish-based companies involved with ESA over the past five years. Likewise, Scotland took vital steps towards developing a solid space industry, and the stage is set for ambitious projects to start.

Speaking about the meeting with the Scottish Minister for Business Trade, Tourism, and Enterprise, Damien English highlighted that international collaboration is crucial for the National Space Strategy. He added that developing such relationships helps the indigenous companies leave their mark on European and global supply chains. English also concluded that the meeting is another step towards driving international attention to Ireland’s space industry.

Promising Projects Already Underway for Irish Companies

Assessing the Irish companies’ impact on space projects led by ESA, minister English informed the public about the integral involvement in the Solar Orbiter and the James Webb Space Telescope launch. So, it goes without saying that both the Irish and Scottish space programs have plenty of opportunities to get more projects in the future.

Minister English’s presence at the informal EU Competitiveness Council and the ESA meeting of Ministers sends a clear message that Ireland is serious about its space industry. Meanwhile, the Scottish spaceport development in Sutherland continues according to plan. The Sutherland launchpad is ready to be constructed, and preparations for the Orbex Prime rocket launch are underway. While, elsewhere in Scotland, another launchpad has received planning permission on the Shetland island of Unst, where Skyrora will launch their vehicle.

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