Rocket Factory Augsburg Launches #NameOurEngine Campaign

22nd Feb 2022
Rocket Factory Augsburg Launches #NameOurEngine Campaign

Rocket Factory Augsburg, aka RFA, has opened #NameOurEngine submission to the public. The submission is confidential and can be made anonymous if requested. There is no restriction on creativity. The name must be copyright-free, serious, explainable, and justified in only a few words. All of the names submitted will be given to RFA. The top ten are going to get votes from the public on LinkedIn and Twitter. The three final names and the winner are determined by adding the votes from both platforms.

Rocket Factory Augsburg Will Reveal the Winner on 3rd March

There will be four weeks of campaigning. The deadline to submit names was on 20th February, with the first voting round taking place on the 23rd and the second one on 28th February, so there’s still plenty of time to submit. On 3rd March, the official winning name is going to be revealed. The person who gives the engine its name will receive an official certificate from RFA, engine hardware, and a bundle of RFA gifts.

Amongst the most sophisticated engine models on the planet, the Rocket Factory Augsburg engine works by staged combustion. Exhaust gases from the oxygen-rich pre-burner go into the central combustion chamber after operating the turbopump in the RFA’s staged combustion engine.

Why Did RFA Choose Staged Combustion?

Because of staged combustion, the fuel is burnt more completely, boosting the engine’s efficiency by 7%. This results in a 30% increase in payload capacity for the micro launcher RFA ONE.

Staged combustion happens to be better for the environment, too, as it releases a lot less sooty exhaust gases. The RFA engine, which uses liquid oxygen for oxidizer and RP-1 as the propellant, produces 100kN of thrust and has a 325s (SL) / 350s (Vac) Isp.

Nine engines are employed for the first stage, whereas for the second stage, a vacuum-optimised engine. Rocket Factory Augsburg, founded back in 2018, hopes that by the end of this year will build a prototype rocket for sending spacecraft into LEO and at unbeatable prices.

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