Yet Another SpaceX Rocket Launch Planned to Deliver Military Cargo and Aid

18th Feb 2022
Yet Another SpaceX Rocket Launch Planned to Deliver Military Cargo and Aid

Many tend to believe that space technologies, including every SpaceX rocket launch, are all about launching satellites, reaching other planets, and collecting data from Earth and space. However, the new contract between SpaceX and the US Air Force highlights one of the many benefits that space programs can bring right here, on Earth.

The aim of this contract between SpaceX and the US Air Force is to develop rocket cargo solutions that can be used to send humanitarian aid and military cargo everywhere in the world. The specific details of the program are not known. However, the Department of Defense wants to have the ability to quickly deliver aid wherever it’s needed, especially in areas that are usually inaccessible to conventional air transport.

Delivering Cargo Directly from Space via a SpaceX Rockets

One excellent example of why this new method of delivering humanitarian aid is needed comes from disaster sites. You don’t usually have a commercial spaceport or even a landing strip nearby. That’s why the Air Force wants to develop various methods to deliver the needed goods from space.

Greg Spanjers, the rocket cargo program manager inside the Air Force, declared that more contracts will be provided to other rocket firms to encourage healthy competition towards developing ground-based space cargo delivery technologies. As proven many times before, a SpaceX rocket launch provides a cost-efficient method for companies that want to launch satellites into space, so there’s no reason why this collaboration with the Air Force won’t deliver the same success.

Furthermore, SpaceX won several other high-profile contracts, including one with NASA to develop a lander for the scheduled Project Artemis Moon missions. The company is heavily testing the Starship launch vehicle that could also be used in crewed missions to Mars in the future. One thing is certain, the new partnership between the Air Force and Elon Musk’s company could set the scene for a SpaceX rocket launch that would prove space technology sceptics wrong.

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