Sutherland Spaceport Board Member, David McIntosh, Has High Hopes for Scottish Space Centre

15th Feb 2022
Sutherland Spaceport Board Member, David McIntosh, Has High Hopes for Scottish Space Centre

In a recent article published in The Scotsman, David McIntosh, a member of the programme board for Sutherland Spaceport, has expressed hopes that launches from Scottish soil will soon be possible. This development will support Scotland’s burgeoning space sector, which is already producing high-quality satellites and launch crafts. The ability to launch payloads from Sutherland Spaceport represents the final piece in bringing together the Scotland space sector as a fully functional national enterprise. The Sutherland Spaceport development is also supported by local and national groups, such as the UK Space Agency and the Scottish Futures Trust.

Scotland Aims for Net Zero with Spaceport Plans

McIntosh also states that the development of Sutherland Spaceport will not disrupt the Scottish government’s net-zero climate targets. In contrast, many of the satellite launches that the spaceport could facilitate may play a key role in managing these environmental targets. For instance, Scottish satellites can be used to track conditions across peatlands (which act as carbon sinks) and to monitor pollution in the atmosphere. Spaceport developers are also working closely alongside the local crofting communities to manage any environmental or wildlife concerns.

Sutherland Spaceport to Unite Scotland Space Sector

One of the main benefits of building an active spaceport in Scotland is that it will unite several already flourishing industries. Scotland is already home to renowned satellite manufacturers, like Spire and AAC Clyde Space, which supply payloads to other countries. Scotland is also home to launch vehicle manufacturers, such as Orbex, which is located in Forres. Sutherland Spaceport would give these companies the chance to collaborate on launches from Scottish soil: an important step for Scotland’s space sector.

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