PLD Space Announces Promising Test Activity for MIURA 1

15th Feb 2022
PLD Space Announces Promising Test Activity for MIURA 1

Spanish aerospace company, PLD Space, has begun testing their MIURA 1 suborbital rocket from a test site at Teruel Airport. PLD Space CEO, Raul Torres, made the announcement on social media in January and shared that, so far, tests had been successful. The MIURA 1 rocket is designed to carry small payloads into orbit and return them to Earth. It is a prototype for the MIURA 5, which is currently under development. The MIURA 1 acts as a way for the company to test systems and technologies that will later be installed in the MIURA 5.

MIURA 1 Offers Opportunity to Test Unique Propellant

One of the tests carried out by PLD Space on their MIURA 1 rocket has confirmed the success of their preferred propellant. The fuel for the craft is produced using a mixture of kerosene and liquid oxygen. The PLD Space rocket is the first suborbital craft manufactured in Spain and represents a significant leap for the Spanish space industry. The rocket was built at the company’s site in Elche, Alicante, and was moved to the Teruel site for testing purposes.

Test Launch for Spanish Rocket to Take Place from Huelva

Once successful early testing has been carried out on the PLD Space rocket, the craft will be moved to the El Arenosillo site in Huelva for its maiden space voyage. The overall purpose of the MIURA 1 is to allow the firm to test its technology and perform research in space conditions for upcoming projects. Speaking in June 2021, Torres confirmed that PLD Space has plans to continue work on its MIURA 5 rocket for future launch.

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