Blue Origin to purchase Honeybee Robotics

11th Feb 2022
Blue Origin to purchase Honeybee Robotics

Blue Origin now have the opportunity to acquire Honeybee Robotics, a company that has been producing robots that have the capability to get into some pretty tough places in outer space. This news became public on 25th January, as the parent company, Ensign-Bickford Industries, announced that they were selling it to Blue Origin. So, what is the company, and what does it do? Let’s find out more.

New Robotics Systems

Honeybee Robotics are perhaps best known for developing drills and complex robots for use on space exploration missions. They also create sample collection systems that have been featured on several Martian missions, as well as missions to Titan, Saturn’s moon. The president of the company welcomes the acquisition, saying that it will further expand capacity for space exploration and transportation, as well as an increase in scientific discovery.

Blue Origin Gains Capacity

Ever since starting in New York in the 1980s, Honeybee Robotics has been active in the field. They initially started working on NASA projects, however they now have locations all around California, Colorado and other parts of the United States. The acquisition will be great for Blue Origin because it will allow them to increase their capacity in energy and terrestrial mining markets, which Honeybee Robotics has expertise in. It will also allow them to tap into the defence market. All in all, it means a lot of increased capacity for Blue Origin.

A bright future ahead

It looks like the future is bright for both companies. Blue Origin plans to retain Honeybee Robotics as a separate company without making any significant or notable changes to both their customers and products. While long-term plans haven’t been fully disclosed, the acquisition opens up a lot of potential new avenues. Only time will tell whether Blue Origin will succeed in the long run.

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