Expert Claims SpaceX Rocket Remains Will Crash into Moon

10th Feb 2022
Expert Claims SpaceX Rocket Remains Will Crash into Moon

Experts predict that a large piece of space debris from a SpaceX rocket will collide with the Moon this March. The SpaceX rocket was put into space in 2015 and was part of a NASA mission to launch the (DSCOVR) Deep Space Climate Observatory. Since completing its mission, the piece of space debris has been abandoned in orbit and has already circled the Moon once. Bill Gray, an astronomer who observed the rocket’s orbit, has predicted that the debris will continue its trajectory and hit the Moon in March.

This Moon collision highlights existing debris problem

Speaking about the collision, Bill Gray stated that this is the first unintentional Moon crash to be observed. Gray is the developer of NASA’s Project Pluto software, which allows scientists to observe and calculate the trajectory of objects in orbit. Astronomers have also raised concerns about the amount of space debris in orbit and claim that this is unlikely to be the first Moon collision of this type. Their concerns about this new SpaceX collision echo widespread calls for more regulation and environmental efforts to clean up space.

Collision of SpaceX’s rocket with the Moon will not be visible on Earth

Although the piece of SpaceX debris will hit the Moon travelling at around 5,500 mph, the impact will not be visible from Earth. It is predicted that the Space debris will hit the Moon’s dark side on 4th March. Other missions have intentionally collided with the Moon for a range of purposes. For instance, in 2009, NASA launched a rocket at the Moon on a water-finding mission. The SpaceX crash will be the first incidental crash to be witnessed.

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