Virgin Orbit in Talks with Oman Over Future Satellite Launch

4th Feb 2022
Virgin Orbit in Talks with Oman Over Future Satellite Launch

A global consortium has been announced between the government of Oman, Virgin Orbit, and several other research and space exploration companies. The overarching aim of this consortium is to launch Oman’s first-ever satellite into orbit and pursue future space exploration missions. As well as Virgin Orbit, which has agreed to provide launch capacity, the consortium includes Polish satellites manufacturer, SatRevolution, Polish analytics company, TUATARA, and Omani tech firm, ETCO. The first Omani satellite will be prepared for launch in 2022.

Cornwall Spaceport to Provide Base for First Omani Satellite Launch

The consortium for the development of Omani space exploration has proposed the first Omani satellite launch from Cornwall Spaceport in 2022. Virgin Orbit, owned by British-born entrepreneur Richard Branson, will perform the launch. The satellite will be carried by Virgin Orbit’s LauncherOne rocket, which has performed several successful launches worldwide. The LauncherOne rocket is designed using a modified 747 Jet, giving it the capacity to perform launches from a versatile range of locations.

Omani Space Mission Part of Nationwide Development Program

Speaking on the consortium, Oman officials laid out plans for nationwide development, which include increased space exploration capacity. As well as planning an Omani satellite launch, the corresponding Oman Vision 2040 project aims to build growth in the science and research sectors and boost the economy of Oman. After their first satellite launch from Cornwall Spaceport, the consortium, including Virgin Orbit, plans to collaborate on future projects to send Omani crafts into deep space.

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