Fixed Links Proposal Could Help Shetland Space Centre Projects

3rd Feb 2022
Fixed Links Proposal Could Help Shetland Space Centre Projects

Shetland Missing from Fixed Links Transport Proposal That Could Aid Shetland Space Centre

MSPs have raised concerns after Shetland was excluded from a new fixed links proposal which could benefit the Shetland Space Centre. The proposal specifically looks to expand fixed links for the Scottish Outer Hebrides and the Isle of Mull. Shetland MSP, Beatrice Wishart, has expressed her disappointment at Shetland’s exclusion and has asked ministers to add Shetland to the proposal. Speaking to Scottish Transport Secretary Michael Matheson, Wishart pointed out the benefits that fixed links could have for Shetland’s industries, including the SaxaVord Shetland Space Centre.

Fixed Links Between Shetland Isles Could Benefit Scotland Space Project

As well as benefitting island communities, Wishart argued that linking the Shetland mainland to the Isle of Unst is a matter of national interest. Currently, Unst, which is home to the Shetland Space Centre, is only accessible by ferry. By including Shetland in the proposal, the government could help ensure the future of Scotland space projects at SaxaVord by making inter-island transport more reliable.

Shetland Inclusion in Fixed Links Proposal is Future Possibility

Addressing criticisms from Beatrice Wishart on Shetland’s exclusion from the new proposal, Matheson stated that Shetland would likely be included in the scheme at a later date. However, he did clarify that Shetland did not feature in the current document, despite the possible benefits for the Shetland Space Centre. Wishart announced that the subject would be raised at an upcoming public discussion with MP Alistair Carmichael, which will include Shetland residents. The public appetite for new transport links is expected to be high as these links would benefit local industries and job opportunities, such as those provided by the Shetland Space Centre.

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