Blue Origin Launch: An Interview with Blue Origin Passenger Dylan Taylor

1st Feb 2022
Blue Origin Launch: An Interview with Blue Origin Passenger Dylan Taylor

Interview with Dylan Taylor After Blue Origin Space Flight

Speaking to Leonard David, a columnist and reporter who specialises in space news, Dylan Taylor describes his experience on the first six-person Blue Origin flight. The commercial Blue Origin launch took place on the 11th December 2021 with the New Shepard suborbital craft designed by Jeff Bezos’ space tech company. Speaking to David, Taylor described his amazing experience onboard the craft. Taylor was one of the company’s first “pay-per-view” passengers and one of the first people in the world to experience commercial space travel.

Six-Person Commercial Space Flight Exceeded Taylor’s Expectations

Dylan Taylor has described the incredible moment he floated upside down at the window of the Blue Origin’s spacecraft and saw Earth from space. Describing the “significant” experience, Taylor states that – surprisingly – he wasn’t nervous before the take-off. His only concern was that poor weather conditions may prevent the Blue Origin launch. Thankfully the launch went ahead, and the short flight was hailed as a huge success. Alongside Taylor, the six-person crew included former New York Giants player, Michael Strahan, and Laura Shepard Churchley. Churchley’s father, Alan Shepard, was the first American in space, and the New Shepard craft was named as a tribute to him.

Dylan Taylor Praises Training and Preparation Offered Before Commercial Space Flight

During his interview with David, Taylor also described the thorough training and preparation offered before the Blue Origin launch. The trip included a full week of training, which involved detailed simulations and run-throughs in preparing for all in-flight eventualities. Dylan praised this part of the experience and the benefits this would offer for future customers. Blue Origin plans to offer more commercial space flights in 2022.

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