Arianespace receives contract for eight Galileo satellite launches

17th Jan 2022
Arianespace receives contract for eight Galileo satellite launches

The EUSPA, European Union Agency for the Space Programme, has commissioned Arianespace for four additional satellite launches in the next two years, adding to the four Galileo satellites already commissioned in October 2021. This latest commission marks the beginning of the EUSPA’s role as sole launch service contract placer, taking the role from the ESA.

Latest contract marks an increased trust in Arianespace’s satellites launch

Arianespace has received permission to launch the first two satellites in the deal in 2022, marking the beginning of the Full Operational Capability of Galileo open service. Another three Galileo satellites will be launched in 2023, 2024 and 2025, finalising the launch cycle of the first-generation Galileo satellites. These satellites will complete the constellation and immensely increase its resilience.

The satellite launch will take place from the ESA’s spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana.

A representative for Arianespace shared their enthusiasm over the contract. The team is very proud to help Europe deploy its own global navigation system in space. This additional order for Galileo confirms the company’s determination to provide access to space.

The Galileo satellites will be built in Germany

The new batch of satellites were designed and manufactured in Bremen, Germany, by OHB System AG. Each satellite weighs roughly 730kg, an improvement over previously heavier satellites. Arianespace has spoken highly of German aerospace engineering and has hinted at further collaboration in the future. This Galileo satellite launch cycle will complete the constellation of 36 satellites.

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