Multiple rocket launch sequences planned by the Australian government

14th Jan 2022
Multiple rocket launch sequences planned by the Australian government

Following in the footsteps of the UK and Germany, the Australian government has decided to input in the space nation race with a serious plan for multiple rocket launch sequences within this decade. The Australian Space Agency has been working on this plan for several years and has gathered support from private and public investors alike.

First manned shuttle rocket launch within two years

The head of the Australian Space Agency, Enrico Palermo, has said that he has already began re-shaping the identity of the Agency so it would fit better in a new and modern Australia.

The plan has been evaluated as being worth over $12 billion and covers the research of new technology and the construction of a dedicated launch pad. But the rocket launch space shuttles are only the beginning. Mr Palermo sees the country as a modern ‘trading’ hub, capable of fulfilling launch missions for the entire world. The term ‘space nation’ has been thrown around quite a lot, but we haven’t seen such a large budget set aside for research and construction until now.

NASA has signed an agreement of collaboration with Australia

Once the manned shuttles are out of the way, the Australian Space Agency hopes to turn its gaze towards Mars. The Agency managed to sign an agreement with NASA for the construction of a rover that would be deployed in future exploration missions on the red planet. According to Enrico Palermo, Head of ASA Organisation, Australia has the opportunity to be a regional hub for human space flight activities. The Commonwealth of Australia will be collaborating with the United Kingdom and the United States on further rocket launch ventures as per the AUKUS security pact signed some time ago.

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