Jeff Bezos Closes Transcom Agreement with Blue Origin

11th Jan 2022
Jeff Bezos Closes Transcom Agreement with Blue Origin

An organisation providing military logistics all over the world, TRANSCOM also signed separate CRADAs with XARc (Exploration Architecture Corp.) and SpaceX, so it’s not only Blue Origin involved. This happened in 2020. The agreements were to start working on a rocket cargo program that uses modelling and simulations to assess the cost, performance, and military use when transporting goods and conducting any cargo airdrop operation.

Jeff Bezos Has Jumped into the Project with Blue Origin

According to a recent announcement from TRANSCOM says, Blue Origin is working together with the US military to explore how possible it is for people and cargo to be transported into space using rockets. Jeff Bezos is also the founder of Amazon and has been involved in space programs for some time. SpaceNews says the research he’s involved with TRANSCOM is going to be used strictly for the “rocket cargo” project.

TRANSCOM’s deputy commander, Vice Admiral Dee Mewbourne, says the main idea of the collaboration is to understand what potential space transportation has as far as keeping pace with the technical, as well as the operational realities getting built now. Bezos’ space program operates a space tourism New Shepard vehicle that can be reused.

There’s also the heavy-lift rocket called New Glenn getting built. New Glenn will operate BE-4 engines and is planned for launch close to the end of 2022.

Bezos’ Crew Was Made of Famous People

While previous of Bezos’ crews were made of Bezos himself, Wally Funk, Star Trek’s William Shatner and others, the Blue Origin crew included: astronaut Alan Shepard’s daughter Laura Shepard Churchley, Michael Strahan from Good Morning America, investors Lane Bess and her son Cameron Bess, Dylan Taylor, and Evan Dick. So, Blue Origin already has an impressive list of celebrity clients.

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