Virgin Orbit Invests Money in Hypersat and Satrevolution to Expand Their Current Market

31st Dec 2021
Virgin Orbit Invests Money in Hypersat and Satrevolution to Expand Their Current Market

Recently the company Virgin Orbit has been trying to expand their space market share, acquiring 17.5% of Hypersat, along with a sizeable investment in SatRevolution. Although the full amount of this investment hasn’t been disclosed, acquiring this much of the geospatial analytics firm will be big business. Earlier this year, Hypersat singled out Virgin Orbit to help launch several of their hyperspectral satellites.

Growth for Virgin Orbit

The chief officer of strategy at Virgin Orbit, Jim Simpson, recently said that space solutions were a key component of the company’s latest growth plans. Simpson thinks that Hypersat has an outstanding developmental capability and ambitious plans for growth. He hopes that Virgin Orbit will be able to take advantage of the unique data-driven approach to space technology with the new investment.

Poland Is Put on the Map

On top of Hypersat, Virgin Orbit is also investing in tech company SatRevolution from Poland. They have just provided investment for their Series B funding, and this Eastern European company is expecting to receive around $30 million of investment. They are currently focusing on the production of nanosatellite technology and telescopes. It is hoped that together with Virgin Orbit, the two companies will be able to launch up to 500 kg of payloads via rockets for space service deployment.

New Virgin Orbit Partnerships

These are exciting times for the space industry. The partnerships in question will help Virgin Orbit develop new relationships to deliver quality technology to their customer base in the long run. Not only this, but the new investment opportunities will also give Virgin Orbit the ability to take control of a whole different array of space markets.

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