Elon Musk Says Jeff Bezos Should Spend ‘less time in the hot tub’ as Blue Origin Falls Behind SpaceX

31st Dec 2021
Elon Musk Says Jeff Bezos Should Spend ‘less time in the hot tub’ as Blue Origin Falls Behind SpaceX

Another day, another off-the-cuff insult from SpaceX founder Elon Musk. In an interview with the Financial Times, Musk has suggested that rival Jeff Bezos is spending too much time in his hot tub, to the detriment of his company Blue Origin. Musk’s comments come following his nomination as Time’s Person of the Year, an accolade sure to appeal to him.

Blue Origin Founder Continues Ongoing Public Feud

The rivalry between the two billionaires is nothing new. The pair first met in 2004, when neither of them was involved in the space industry, but both were taking an interest in it. According to Musk, Jeff Bezos ‘largely ignored’ the advice the South African offered regarding futures in space. The spat flared up again in 2013, when Musk tried to secure exclusive use of a NASA launchpad – a resource that Bezos felt should be available to all companies.

‘New Space Set’ Continues to Push Development

Part of the reason for Musk’s Person of the Year award is the new role space technology is playing in the world today. Research and development reduced massively after the end of the Cold War. However, while government spending dropped, private individuals have picked up the shortfall. Today, along with billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson, Musk, and Jeff Bezos form what many have dubbed the ‘new space set’. These businessmen have the money necessary for investment in private space programs, as well as the ambition to push for the stars. We watch with interest to see what comes next for Musk, Jeff Bezos, and their respective enterprises.

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