ISAR Aerospace Signs Launch Contract with Nanosatellite Maker Astrocast

29th Dec 2021
ISAR Aerospace Signs Launch Contract with Nanosatellite Maker Astrocast

On 15th December, a leading German launch operator ISAR Aerospace has announced singing a launch agreement with Astrocast, an established nanosatellite manufacturer from Switzerland. Astrocast’s main focus is the Internet of Things (IoT), while ISAR Aerospace is working on a medium-class rocket Spectrum. According to the newly-signed contract, ISAR Aerospace should carry Astrocast’s satellite on a rideshare mission to SSO. The mission is estimated to happen by the beginning of 2024, while Spectrum’s maiden flight should occur by the end of next year. 

ISAR Aerospace on Signing the Contract 

At the moment, ISAR Aerospace is actively strengthening its base of clients, and another contract with a satellite maker once again proves the company’s potential. Stella Guillen, ISAR Aerospace CCO, is confident that technology is the key to success in all industries. Today, the demand for IoT is ever-increasing, but current satellite coverage cannot adequately address IoT’s needs because over 85% of our planet’s surface is not covered by cellular networks. However, by 2025, IoT can create an additional 30 million connections. Astrocast, as a leading nanosatellite maker determined to invest in growing IoT’s potential, can provide low-cost solutions and create millions of new connections in remote and rural areas.

Astrocast on the Collaboration Opportunity 

Astrocast is determined to bring IoT to multiple industries, including agriculture, mining, maritime, and environmental sectors. The company that went public this August already has a constellation of satellites allowing it to track and monitor critical data and communicate it to remote areas.

According to Kjell Karlsen, Astrocast CFO, the company is pleased to collaborate with ISAR Aerospace because this partnership helps to support fully-European launch solutions. Astrocast CFO believes that such collaboration is vital for the budding European space sector, and ISAR Aerospace’s steady progress to its debut launch in 2022 draws this great milestone ever closer. 

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