Gilmour Space Technologies Wins Space Category at InnovationAus 2021 Awards

28th Dec 2021
Gilmour Space Technologies Wins Space Category at InnovationAus 2021 Awards

On 1st December, Gilmour Space Technologies, one of the leading Australian aerospace companies, won the space category at the InnovationAus 2021 Awards for Excellence. The ceremony took place in Sydney. The space and automation category, claimed by Queensland-based Gilmour Space Technologies, was sponsored by Microsoft. 

Gilmour Space Technologies & Its Contribution to Space Sector

Gilmour Space Technologies is one of the space pioneers in Australia, making a significant contribution to the space industry development. The company plans to become one of the leading satellite launchers with a focus on space tech reliability and affordable launch cost. 

Currently, Gilmour is working on a hybrid engine tech and plans to become an all-Australian provider of space solutions. The company will design, build and launch fully-Australian rockets to send Australian satellites to low Earth orbit and beyond. Its hybrid propulsion engine should be built to overcome performance issues common for most hybrid rockets. 

To date, Gilmour Space Technologies remains a true leader in Australian space innovation and has already contributed its share into growing Australia’s domestic launch capability. 

Microsoft on InnovationAus 2021 Awards

Lynn McDonald, Space Lead at Microsoft Australia Azure, says that the company is delighted to sponsor the award category. Space is a booming industry with enormous scientific and commercial potential, and Microsoft takes great pride in helping companies fine-tune their space capabilities. One of Microsoft’s recent priorities is developing cloud and data development platforms to empower other companies to explore space. 

Today, space technologies affect most spheres of our daily lives, from GPS navigation to making phone calls. The InnovationAus 2021 Award is designed to boost domestic space capabilities in Australia, celebrating the most ambitious entrepreneurs who make valuable contributions to industry development. In Australia, Gilmour Space Technologies is one of the true leaders, and its contribution to the space sector cannot be denied. 

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