UKSA to the Rescue in Clearing Dangerous Space Debris

8th Dec 2021
UKSA to the Rescue in Clearing Dangerous Space Debris

The UKSA announced some initiatives to clear up the cosmos from dangerous space debris. Recently, ClearSpace and Astroscale received funding to plan a UK-led mission to remove space junk. The UK Space Agency will also take part while the US-based Numerica Corporation will provide top-quality space tracking and surveillance. 

Space Debris – the Threat of Future Space Strategies

With a very ambitious space strategy in place, the UKSA needs to take care of the growing concern of space debris. It’s an admirable initiative that will bring benefits to the British space strategy and the entire globe as well. 

The UN Office for Outer Space Affairs is also involved, and through this international cooperation, the UK Space Agency wants to promote space sustainability as a way to improve space exploration and industry in the future. 

The UK Space Agency Involved in Clearing Up Space

Russia confirmed launching a missile to take down an old space satellite in November, and this action resulted in lots of space debris. The US referred to the test as “dangerous and irresponsible” as it could represent a danger to astronauts living and working in space. 

According to NASA, over 100 million pieces of space trash orbit the Earth with sizes more than a millimetre. Furthermore, the US Department of Defence counted over 27,000 large pieces of space debris. That’s why the international mission involving the UKSA, private space companies, and Numerica Corporation is vital for the future of space programs. 

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