UK rocket company tests revolutionary new high-power rocket

7th Dec 2021
UK rocket company tests revolutionary new high-power rocket

Pulsar Fusion has been ramping up production, with an ambitious plan to develop a hyper-speed propulsion rocket engine like never before. It will use nuclear fusion to provide interplanetary travel. The nuclear company from Bletchley have just tested their first launch capable chemical British rocket engine on UK soil.

Ambitious UK rocket plans

The UK rocket company plans to use their new rockets, not only for interplanetary travel, but for also launching satellites into space. However, the key ambition is for their rocket to get people from A to B, including to Mars and other destinations that has always been sought to travel to.

Testing out

The company has carried out British rocket tests at COTEC, the Ministry of Defence’s base in Salisbury. These static tests will be followed up by demonstrations for clientele in Switzerland at some point in the near future. The CEO of Pulsar Fusion has expressed gratitude to the many scientists and academics who have helped them have their tests carried out – it certainly has been a collaborative effort.

New British rocket engine

The new high-power rocket consists of a unique “non-toxic” engine. It consumes nitrous oxide, oxygen and polyethylene fuel to get it off the ground. A liquid oxidiser gives the British rocket the ability to consume oxygen. 


Having gained government funding in September 2021 to further develop launch engine capabilities, Pulsar Fusion has a lot of work on their hands. These are interesting times for the company and space exploration in general. Time will tell if their efforts will be successful in the future. Do you think this UK rocket company will be able to take passengers to Mars?

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