Rocket Lab CEO says companies that don’t reuse rockets will be producing ‘dead-end’ products

7th Dec 2021
Rocket Lab CEO says companies that don’t reuse rockets will be producing ‘dead-end’ products

The CEO of Rocket Lab, Peter Beck, hasn’t always strived to make reusable rockets. He even promised other space entrepreneurs that it wouldn’t happen. However, Beck now takes a different approach. His company is currently working on tech to make things more reusable. Let’s find out more about what Rocket Lab has been up to.

Helicopters and new tech for Rocket Lab

The latest plans are for Rocket Lab to develop ways of catching electron boosters after they’ve launched. They want to be able to do this using helicopters. It’s a unique idea, to say the least. The company hopes this will contribute to the goals of making their Neutron rockets fully reusable by 2024. Along with this technology, Rocket Lab will also be trying to improve the thermal protection of their Electron booster components, making these components stronger for recoveries. 

Preventing “dead-end” products

Beck from Rocket Lab has spoken out about his views, saying that anybody who doesn’t plan on developing reusable launch vehicles in the future is making a mistake. He feels that companies not following this idea will be developing “dead-end” products. Throughout space exploration history, rockets launching spacecraft and satellites have been expendable, discarding their boosters after launch. These are typically the most expensive parts of a rocket.

Rocket Lab concluding remarks

The company definitely plans on having a busy 2022. New visions and ideas mean that they have a lot to think about, especially as the technology appears to be unique. Will Rocket Lab be able to achieve its goals?

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