ASU and Blue Origin partnership steps towards Orbital Reef space station

6th Dec 2021
ASU and Blue Origin partnership steps towards Orbital Reef space station

Arizona State University (ASU) has accepted a Blue Origin partnership that hopes to help facilitate the development of the Orbital Reef space station. Blue Origin is a space company that specialises in space exploration research. It was founded by Amazon owner, Jeff Bezos. Utilising this partnership with ASU, Blue Origin hopes to begin work on the Orbital Reef project. This ambitious enterprise is intended to be used as a multipurpose business port in space. The Blue Origin partnership with universities aims to bring these institutions on board in an advisory capacity.

ASU to lead research cohort to advise on Orbital Reef space station

Arizona State University is one of 14 universities selected to be involved in the Blue Origin partnership, and it has agreed to operate as a leader of the cohort. Along with the other universities, ASU has been selected for the Blue Origin partnership because of their specific expertise in the area of space exploration. ASU is home to the School of Earth and Space Exploration faculty and has many useful industry connections in this area. ASU will not only advise on technological and STEM research development as the project moves forward but also on ethical concerns and business strategies. 

ASU Interplanetary Initiative networking event yields promising partnership 

Blue Origin reached out to ASU after one of the university’s Interplanetary Initiative networking events. The Interplanetary Initiative’s vice president, Lindy Elkins-Tanton, was contacted about the Blue Origin partnership shortly after the event. The networking event was attended by a mixture of business, educational, and non-profit leaders. It supports the institution’s aim of bringing together experts in the field of space exploration. In line with the institution’s values, Blue Origin hopes to emphasise the educational potential of this project. The company hopes this partnership will bring in a variety of voices on the Orbital Reef Space Station mission.

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